Back Issues
The Following is a list of available back-issues in pdf format:

Issue # 42   - Jan-May 2001

Issue # 41   - Nov/Dec 2000

Evaluation of Service Life of Noise Barrier Walls in Illinois Dianne H. Kay, PE,
Susan M. Morgan, Ph.D, PE,
S.N. Bodapati, Ph.D, PE
Propagation of Sound and Related Shadow Zones: The Reality of Field Measurements versus Modeled Projections Ken Campbell
Specifications and Bureaucracies Live Forever
The Noise Barrier Construction Forecast Cindy Thomas - LEAP Associates International
TNM Tips Bill Bowlby

Issue # 40   - Sept/Oct 2000

Book Review - Environmental Noise Barriers: A guide to Their Acoustic and Visual Design Win Lindeman
So Off We Went to New York City Soren Pedersen
Summary of Presentations at the TRB A1F04 Summer Meeting
Value-based Optimization Procedures for FHWA Traffic Noise Model Paul Burge

Issue # 39   - Mar/Apr 1999 and May/Jun 1999 combined

    Big Gus is Back in Town El Angove
January 1999 TRB Minutes Gregg Fleming
Promises, Promises El Angove
The Lone Ranger El Angove
TNM Tips Bill Bowlby
TRB A1F04 Committee Summer Meeting Rudy Hendriks

Issue # 38   - January/February 1999

Federal Highway Administration Traffic Noise Model (FHWA TNM) Look-up Tables - July 1998 Cynthia S.Y. Lee
The 1998 Summer conference of the TRB A1F04 Committee on Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration Gregg Fleming
The Noise Barrier Construction Forecast Cindy Thomas - LEAP Associates International
The Year 1999 is Here El Angove
TNM Tips Bill Bowlby

Issue # 37   - Sep/Oct 1998

Barrier Grief Bruce Feit and Thomas W. Smoot
How to Build Soundwalls That Look Like a Million Dollars, Last Forever, Don't Break, Rust, Rot or Bust the Budget George Southworth
New Noise Walls Protect Minnesota Neighborhoods
Texas DOT Has 42 Noise Barriers in the Houston District, and More in the Works
TNM Tips Bill Bowlby

Issue # 36   - Jun/Jul 1998

Issue # 35   - May/Jun 1998

Concrete Solutions Inc. Launches New Product Line World Wide
Federal Highway Administration Announces Release of Traffic Noise Model (FHWA TNM)
Pima Freeway 101 Sound Wall, Scottsdale, AZ - An 8-Mile Long Work of Art Under Construction Dana Scott
The 1998 Summer Conference of the TRB A1F04 Committee On Transportation Related Noise and Vibration
The 20th Anniversary of the First Real Noise and Vibration Conference

Issue # 34   - March/April 1998

Issue # 33   - Jan/Feb 1998

Issue # 32   - Nov/Dec 1997

New York State Department of Transportation is First to Install U.S. Gypsum's UltraScreen Sight and Sound Screen System Marty Duffy
The Noise Abatement Customer - A Psychological Understanding Eugene J. Miller
The Noise Barrier Construction Forecast Cindy Thomas - LEAP Associates

Issue # 31   - Sept/Oct 1997

Economical Shelter Concept Cuts Airport Noise
Honk if you Love/Hate the Wall Bruce Lambert
Measuring sound Absorption of Traffic Noise Barriers J.S.Bradley,
J.D. Quirt and
J.A. Birta
Sound Frequency Transformation Generated by Surface Gaps and Edge Diffraction Sunny Wai and
Frank Hogson

Issue # 30   - July/Aug 1997

1997 Florida Noise Barrier Status Report Win Lindeman
A Day in the Noise Study of a Highway in Florida
Abstracts of the Professional Papers
The Retirement of Harvey S. Knauer James Byers

Issue # 29   - May/June 1997

Issue # 28   - March/April 1997

A Sound Design Mitigates Noise on Rt. 581
Environmental Excellence Award Nomination for Noise Abatement
Environmental Research Needs in Transportation Jon Williams

Issue # 27   - Jan/Feb 1997

Environmental Research Needs in Transportation Jon Williams
FHWA Traffic Noise Model, Version 1.0 - Part VI - A Continuing Series Cynthia S.Y. Lee, Gregg G. Fleming, Robert E. Armstrong, and Steven A. Ronning
Noise Source Height Research Project Completed Win Lindeman
Parallel Barrier Engineering Edward P. McNair
Summary of Noise Barriers Constructed by End of 1995

Issue # 26   - Nov/Dec 1996

Federal Regulations and Other Activities in Noise Control Robert L. Miller
Highway Traffic Noise Barrier Construction Trends
HITEC Panel Evaluates New Sight and Sound Screen System from U.S. Gypsum Company
Traffic Noise Along New Interstate 49 Reduced by Sound Fighter Noise Barrier

Issue # 25   - Sept/Oct 1996

Directory of Consulting Engineers Who Subscribe to The Wall Journal
Noise Abatement Wall Basics Tianjia Tang and Win Lindeman
Soundcore - A new Product Profile Fary Figallo
The British Form a Noise Barrier Association - Food for Thought?
The Second 12 Issues

Issue # 24   - July/Aug 1996

Aircraft Community Noise Impact Model (ACNIM) Eric Stusnick and Xin Zhuang
Validation of Aircraft Noise Models at Lower Levels of Exposure Juliet Page and K. Plotkin
NASA Advanced Subsonic Technology Noise Reduction Program Frank Jones
Sound Phenomenon from the Mayan Ruins Roger Wayson
Green Sound, Green Noise and Analytic Standards Frank Hodgson

Issue # 23   - May/June 1996

Engineer Crafts Innovative Mitigation Program - New Rocedures Re-Define Noise Mitigation Criteria Remelus Maximus, PE
Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Completes First Noise Barrier Installation John K. Hendrickson, PE
Noise Wall Materials Comparison Matrix - Updated David R. Freudenrich
The 1996 Florida Noise Barrier Status Report Win Lindeman

Issue # 22   - March/April 1996

Absorptive vs. Reflective Costs of Noise Barriers - A Tempest in a Teapot Boone Bucher
Another Response to "To Absorb or not to Absorb" Edward P. McNair
FHWA Traffic Noise Model, Version 1.0 - REMEL Data Base Cynthia S.Y. Lee, Gregg G. Fleming, Robert E. Armstrong, Steven A. Ronning and Grant S. Anderson
FHWA Traffic Noise Model, Version 1.0: Introduction to its Capabilities and Screen Components Grant S. Anderson, Christopher W. Menge, Christopher F. Rossano, Robert E. Armstrong, Steven A. running, Gregg G. Fleming And Cynthia S.Y. Lee
On The Durability of Concrete Noise Barrier Products Soren Pedersen
SoundTrap Approved for Use by Japan Ministry of Construction Boone Bucher
The Real Problem with NRC David A. Collings, PE
To Absorb or Not to Absorb - How Much Does Absorption Cost? Gary Figallo

Issue # 21   - Jan/Feb 1996

New Jersey Inventor Receives Patent for Vertical Barrier With Tilted Faces
Salvaged Highway Noise Barrier Finds New Home in Community Sports Field in Pennsylvania
Sound_Absorptive Barriers - A Case History of Weatherability on Two Projects E.A. Lamberson, PE.
The Compleat Scientific Observer - A Man Who Knew His Own Mind
The Very High NRC Problem Edward P. McNair
To Absorb or Not to Absorb - That is the question Rudy Hendriks
Wood Noise Walls Protect Neighborhood from Noisy Rail Yard

Issue # 20   - Nov/Dec 1995

New Light_Transmitting, Sojund Absorbing Highway Noise Barrier Rod Kotter
On the Florida Front Win Lindeman

Issue # 19   - Sept/Oct 1995

A Sense of Place Domenick Billera
Consutant Prepares Noise Barrier Comparison Matrix for Use in Design of Highway Noise Mitigation Projects David Freudenrich
HITEC Begins Work on Numerous Projects Peter Kissinger, Becky Mattes and David Reynaud
Illinois Roll Road Utilizes Recycled Tires in New Sound Barrier Project
Industrial Acoustics Company and DiGeronimo, P.A. Announce Engineering and Architectural Noise Control Association
The Acoustic Phenomena of the Temples at Chichen Itza - A Reader Looks for Answers in Cyberspace Wayne Van Kirk

Issue # 18   - July/Aug 1995

Noise Testing of Wheel Vibration Absorbers and Mass Transit Vehicles - The Engineering Report Richard B. Weiss
One Consultant's Checklist for Conducting a Public Meeting on Highway Noise James P. Cowan
Regional Municipality in Canada Sets Noise Control Guidelines for New Developments Adjacent to Existing and Proposed New Roads and Transitways Max Bork
Standardization of Aircraft Noise Insulation Measures Without Compromising Results Dana Hougland and Michael B. Barnhardt
Summaries of Professional Papers

Issue # 17   - May/June 1995

A Sound-Absorptive Traffic Corridor - The I-80/94 Borman Expressway in Indiana - A Case Study E.A. Lamberson, P.E.
European Standardization for sound Barriers Bernard Duconge
Insertion Loss Performance of Road Noise Barriers K.R. Fyfe and C.C. Harrison

Issue # 16   - March/April 1995

New FHWA Model and Software - Part IV Cynthia S.Y. Lee, Gregg G. Fleming, Robert E. Armstrong, Steven A. Ronning and Grant S. Anderson
Noise Barrier Construction Forecast LEAP Associates
Noise From Virginia Cary B. Adkins
The Use of Earth Berms in Noise Barrier Construction John K. Hendrickson, P.E.

Issue # 15   - Sept 1994 to Feb 1995

A Report: "Performance Evaluation of Experimental Highway Noise Barriers." Gregg G. Fleming and Edward J. Rickley
Barriers on Bridges - A Case History Jim Amendsen, P.E.
Highway Traffic Noise Barrier Construction Trends
HITEC Opens Its Doors to Innovative Highway Products Peter Kissinger
Noise Study for "Down Under" Bela Schmidt
Noise Wall construction Continues in Florida Win Lindeman
Nonlinear Feedback in the Conversion of Sound Frank Hodgson

Issue # 14   - July/Aug 1994

Highway Traffic Noise Barrier Construction Trends
Resurfacing for Noise Reduction: Results of an Experimental Overlay Bela Schmidt and Robert Fischer
Some Findings of Study on Reflective and Absorptive Noise Barrier Configurations for Railroad Retarders Martin Hirschorn
Summaries of Professional Papers
The TRB Committee A1F04 Summer Meeting 1994 Domenick Billera

Issue # 13   - May/June 1994

Parametric Amplification of Sound Frank Hodgson
The first 12 Issues El Angove
Virginia Wall builder Holds Two-Day "Invitational" on Soundwall Products and Construction Methods Jennifer O'Brien

Issue # 12   - Mar/Apr 1994

Caltrans' Arroyo Simi Wetlands Replacement Exceeds Expectations of Its Designers Russell Snyder
Electronic Noise Control on California Freeways - A Special Report to The Wall Journal George Hartwell
From the Sunshine State Win Lindeman
New FHWA Model and Software - Part III Grant S. Anderson, Gregg G. Fleming, Robert E. Armstrong and Steven A. Ronning
Noise Walls: $2.4 million per mile and worth it Thomas M. Downs
Testing an Electronic Noise Control System Along a California Freeway Rudy Hendriks
Tornado Kills Three Near Petersburg, Va. - Department Store Collapses: 100 Injured
Wood Noise Walls Completed Near Minnesota/North Dakota Border Don Jaenicke

Issue # 11   - Jan/Feb 1994

Carsonite International One of First to Use Maryland SHA's Facility for Demonstration/Display of Vendor Noise Barriers
Could Ancient Mayan Temple Walls Provide A Model for Today's sound Barriers? Frank Hodgson
Found Fundamentals - Part 3 - The Sound Path Roger L. Wayson
National Council of Acoustical Consultants
Noise Barrier Construction Forecast LEAP Associates
Wisconsin DOT's Entry into the World of Parallel Noise Barriers John Jaeckel

Issue # 10   - Nov/Dec 1993

Caltrans Builds $6 Billion HOV Program - Los Angeles County System to be Nation's Most Extensive Russell Snyder
Maryland Minutes Ken Polcak
New FHWA Model and Software - Part II Grant S. Anderson, Gregg G. Fleming, Robert E. Armstrong and Steven A. Ronning
Noise Barrier Construction Forecast LEAP Associates
Summaries of Professional Papers - Part II
The Winning Entries in Caltrans' Student Innovation Landscape-Enhancing Noise Technology Competition George Hartwell

Issue # 9   - Sept/Oct 1993

A Summary of Measured Seismic Wave Attenuation Coefficients for Soils J.C. Ortega and H. Khosrovani
Analysis of Vibration and Acoustics Using VAPEPS Albert Lee and Vance Anderson
Caltrons' Contra Costa County Freeway I-680 Dianne Steinhouser
Comparison of INM and NOISEMAP Results Areg Gharabegian
Computer Models for the Analysis of Vehicle/Guideway Vibration Problems John F. Leary
Construction Noise Control Program of a Transit Tunnel Stephen Wolf
Identification, Analysis and Prediction of Noise Radiated from a Light Rail Vehicle James B Steedman
LaGuardia Airport Ground-Noise Abatement Study D.E. Barrett and C.W. Menge
Long Range Sound Propagation in a Suburban Environment Under an Inversion Pablo A. Daroux
Managing the Flood of Data in Airport Noise Monitoring Systems D. Inglold and M. Karmelich
New FHWA Model and Software - Part 1 Anderson, Fleming et al
Noise and Vibration, BART-A and B-Cars Jason Micklewright
Noise Barrier Construction Forecast LEAP Assoc
Noise Wall Construction Continues on I-95 in Florida Win Lindeman
Prediction of Rail Transit Groundborne Noise and Vibration: A Case Study Steven L. Wolfe
RailRoad Track Noise and Vibration, Impact Study and Soundwall Design Bui, Amick, Yazdanniyaz
Some Recent UK Examples of Building Isolation from Railway Vibration and Noise Richard Cowell
Sound Fundamentals - Part 2 Dr. Roger Wayson

Issue # 8   - July/Aug 1993

Gore Hill Freeway: Sydney, Australia - Keeping Australia Beautiful Council Award Karl Mezgailis
Sound Fundamentals - Part 1 Roger L. Wayson
The Making of PennDOT's "Blue Route", I-476 - A Thirty-Five Year Journey, Including 11 Years in the Courts

Issue # 7   - May/June 1993

Along Noisy Interstates, a Hue and Cry for a Wall Stephen C. Fehr
Introducing Our Next Arriving Guest "Speaker" El Angove
On the Florida Front Win Lindeman
Researchers from TRB Committee A1F04 Uncover New Facts on Endangered Species Ken Polcak
Summary of Professional Papers

Issue # 6   - March 1993

Background-Noise-Corrected Sound Level Measurements Mike Staiano
Hong Kong Government Puts a Lid on Noisy Highways Raymond Chan
Noise From Virginia Cary B. Adkins
On the Florida Front Win Lindeman
Parallel Barriers: A Ray-Tracing Program, RAYverb G. Anderson and C. Bajdek
Psychoacoustic Effects of Rapid Shift in Frequency and Intensity David Still
Specifying Water-Based Acrylic Stains for Concrete Sound Walls Luis Calvo and Steve Geiger
STAMINA Improvements: Ground Effects and Multiple Diffraction Chris Blaney
The Use of a Sond Exposure Level Meter for Design of Sound Insulation in Homes Eric Stusnick
USAF, NOISEMAP 6.0 Robert Lee

Issue # 5   - February 1993

A General Comparison of Airport Noise Contours with Actual Noise Measurement Rich Letty
Aircraft Noise Recognition with Intelligent Noise Monitoring Terminals Robert Krug
Noise Control, O'Hare International Airport Mary Rose Loney
Noise Source Identification and Database Control for Unattended Noise Monitors Chris Menge
Recycled Paint S.M. Greenberg
Recycling Reports Soren Pedersen
Utilizing Radar Data to Identify Aircraft Noise Events Steve Alverson

Issue # 4   - Dec/Jan 1992-93

California Noise Barriers Task Force Report - A Summary Caltrans
FHWA Mobile Noise Lab Is Available for Use Gregg Fleming and Edward Rickley
Highway Traffic Noise In Denmark: Noise Barrier Design Considerations Hans Bendtsen
Summary of Professional Papers - Part 1
The Product Approval Process Soren Pedersen
The SILATOR-A Small Volume Resonator PCV Technologies

Issue # 3   - October 1992

Active Noise & Vibration Technologies Research & Development Programme Dr. Alan Curtis
Determination of Noise Barrier Effectiveness: An Evaluation of Noise on I-440 Herman, Bowlby and Brison
Effectiveness of Sound Barriers Along I-270 in Montegomery County, Maryland Kenneth D. Polcak
In Situ Evaluation of Parallel Barrier Effectiveness G. Fleming and E.J. Rickley
Noise Barriers for the New Jersey Turnpike Bela Schmidt
Reference Energy Mean Emission Levels; Florida Experience R. Wayson, W. Lindeman and T. Ogle
The Product Approval Process - Part 1 Soren Pedersen

Issue # 2   - September 1992

Acoustic Characteristics of Porous Road Surface Dr. Jean-Francois Hamer
Boston Rail Transit Noise Analysis David E. Coate
FDOT Noise Barrier Design, Construction and Maintenance Workshop Win Lindeman
Happy Ending to a Noisy Nightmare Cary B. Adkins
Land Development Issues Resulting from "All Stage 3" Airline Fleets Neal Phillips
Noise Analysis for Air Force Base Disposal and Refuse Program R.Nugent and S.Lind
Noise Barrier Construction in a High Water Table Environment Win Lindeman
PennDOT's I-95 Internodal Mobility Project Harvey Knauer
Protecting Vibration-Sensitive Facilities from Transportation Vibrations R.Nugent and H. Amick
Reducing the Ambiguity of Vehicle Noise Evaluation for Permit Applications Stuart D. McGregor
Strategic Three-Dimensional Aviation Noise Planning Dr. Clifford R. Bragdon
Test Track Center Research Program Don K. Waldo
Texas DOT Noise Program Research Proposal Cynthia R. Wilson
The Stapleton Noise Insulation Program: A Case History Dana Hougland
The Stapleton Noise Mitigation Program Bryan Ryks
Transportation Noise in the Nineties Louis F. Cohn

Issue # 1   - July/Aug 1992

$15 Million VDOT Abatement Project Cary B. Adkins
Canada Develops National Noise Barrier Standard Soren Pedersen
Colorado DOT Hosts A1F04 Summer Meeting
The Challenge for the Future William Bowlby